Tuesday, February 25, 2020

NLESD Teacher PL site for Coding and Maker Ed

Take a look at this great Professional Learning site created by Christine Elliot (Coding Itinerant)!

The site links to a variety of other sites created by teachers and program directors tha docs on coding and Maker Ed!

From the site:
This Maker Education and Coding professional learning (PL) site is intended for those wanted to incorporate more hands on learning and coding in the curriculum. This PL will center around what are some of the more popular resources being used in NL classrooms and some ideas on how to use them in the curriculum from K to 12. We realize that all teachers will have varying levels of familiarity with the concept of Maker Education and coding work. Please look around the site, investigate, participate in the blog questions (if you want) and make use of the resources that are best suited to your own learning needs.
 NLESD Coding and Maker Ed Site

TESIC Presents - Google Classroom Basics PL Opportunity

  This Virtual PL will go over the basic features of Google Classroom and provide a question and answer time for any questions you may have....