Friday, May 22, 2020

TESIC Presents: Google Classroom Virtual PL

***Update*** May 23rd, 12:40pm
The session filled up in 40 minutes! We do encourage you to sign up for the wait list (same link) because for each session there have been multiple people who have had to cancel. If you are on the wait list you will get an email asking you to fill one of those spots. If you aren't on the wait list... well, you aren't on the list.

We will be opening registration for the last session of our Virtual PL series tomorrow (Saturday) at Noon. The topic will be an Introduction to Google Classroom. For updates on registration please follow us on social media and check our website!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Virtual PL Series, we appreciate your interest and dedication! If you missed out on our Classroom or Meet sessions we'd like  to provide you with the support documents. 

If you did not receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite for the event, you are not registered. 

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